Because this is a very different year there are a few changes.  At this time here is what we are planning.
#1 will be safety!  NO ONE will be allowed to enter the building without a mask.  As a student you may lower your mask ONLY while you are seated at your machine.  We will be practicing social distancing with tables spread out further and only one person to a table.  All classes are for 3 days so there won't be any moving to other rooms. There will be some open walls between class rooms to allow more air flow and there will be some opening of outside doors to bring in fresh air (Bring layers to wear).  We will have hand sanitizer in all the classes.  As we get closer to the event we will decide if and how to do our evening events. 
I am working with the Doubletree to make sure we follow the best protocol for safety.
If you are coming with someone that you want to be together with in a class please let me know on your registration form.  The refund policy this year will be full refund until Dec. 15, 2020.  After that date $100.00 will be deducted from the refund if you can't find someone to take your place.  Please realize Myrtle Beach Quilt Party is responsible for paying meeting room rental, an amount for group food and beverage, tote bags, door prizes, etc.  Please do your best to stay at the Doubletree as this helps with the cost of the space and with getting the meeting space for the next year. 
If the event is shut down by the state you will be notified ASAP.  You will be refunded all but the cost of a tote bag and postage for that bag if I have already ordered them (usually November).  If the state shuts the event down I am not liable to the Doubletree and can refund more.
I hope things will go smoothly this year because we NEED it!
PLEASE feel free to call 704-607-5987 if you have ANY questions.
Hope to see you soon,